Your Next Step Coaching Session

30-minute first step

Your Next Step 30-Minute Session with Monica

Need to figure out your next step so you can help others, make money, AND do what you really want to do?

You have a hundred ideas, but do you struggle trying to figure out what to do next?

Your next step is key.

I want to help you with your next step so you can make a decision and get going with Your Next Step Session with Monica. With laser focus, together we can figure out your biggest barrier and get you going with more insight, renewed commit, a mindset adjustment and inspiration.

As a bonus . . .

You will receive a free autographed copy of my motivational book, Found My Soul in a Sweet Potato Patch: Living a Life of Victory. My personal story as the daughter of sharecroppers and positive affirmations highlight the critical need for taking steps—actions that leadto a bountiful harvest of realized dreams. Let my book be a symbol of your next step.

The process is easy.

  • Sign up for your 30-minute session with Monica.
  • Schedule your session.
  • Complete your 3 Key Questions homework assignment prior to the session.
  • Virtually meet with Monica.
  • Complete the session and receive your autographed copy of Found My Soul in a Sweet Potato Patch: Living a Life of Victory.