Monica’s Motivational Moment: A Way In

Doubt is always searching for an opening, purchase looking for a way in to undermine our confidence and belief in our gifts and talents. Doubt is fear’s foot soldier.

We must check the perimeter of our thoughts and not allow doubt to slip inside. We must remember that we are strong and deserving of what we truly desire.

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  1. Hi Monica!

    Your Motivational Moment today entitled: “A Way In”, hits home with me in every way. So true, your words are about how fear and doubt can have the negative tendency to deceive us into believing we are less, unworthy or undeserving of achieving all the best that life has to offer. When in fact we have just the opposites: power, talent, and strength. Especially when we have worked hard, prayed with faith and belief, lived a life of compassion for others, respect for God first, and respect for ourselves. Yet those enemies of fear and doubt tend to creep in. They seek to absorb us dry. Until we have very little (if any confidence left at all) in our own proven abilities and accomplishments. But GOD is able! He re-instills in us our belief in our self-worth and self-value. Despite our shortcomings…despite our stumbles…despite our mistakes. All we have to do is call upon Him. And He will show up and provide us exactly what we need to believe in ourselves. And to make it another day.

    Thank you Monica, as always, for your words of inspiration! They are always right on time!

    May God continue to bless you, and your gifts to inspire the world!
    ~Rochelle Thomas

    • Hi Rochelle!

      I am wishing you a fruitful and blessed 2016. You have been given incredible gifts that the world years far. Step forward in boldness.

      All the best,



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