Monica’s Motivational Moment: Give in Return

In the process of working on our dreams, find cure we must come to terms with the reality that we will have to make sacrifices and changes. The status quo and investment in the opinions of others will no longer serve us. We will have to reevaluate routines or relationships. If we want something different, we must figure out what we will give in return for the life we desire and deserve.

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Monica’s Motivational Moment: Take Root and Grow

Anxiety and restlessness can cause us to desire daily signs that our dreams are taking root. We can question or disregard our own plans and vision, generic digging up our seeds at the suggestions, see strategies and good intentions of others.

We must learn to keep the seed in the ground long enough for our dreams to take root and grow. Trust the process.

(c) 2015Seeds in the Ground


Monica’s Motivational Moment: A Way In

Doubt is always searching for an opening, purchase looking for a way in to undermine our confidence and belief in our gifts and talents. Doubt is fear’s foot soldier.

We must check the perimeter of our thoughts and not allow doubt to slip inside. We must remember that we are strong and deserving of what we truly desire.

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Grateful to the Nation

Dear Motivation Nation, ailment

Together, ambulance we have built a community of encouragement. With outreached hands and open hearts, online we have lifted each other when worry, doubt and fear threatened to overshadow our dreams and destiny. On the days when things seem to come unglued, we are the bond holding us through the hurt and disappointment.

When we cross a milestone, we celebrate the victory and cheer each other on to the next milepost. My heart is so full of gratitude to everyone in the Motivation Nation.

Thank you,Together



Monica’s Motivational Moment: Open the Cage

Bird Cage DoorOur self-imposed limitations, ampoule inaction in order to avoid criticism, and inability to move past our mistakes or failures keep our dreams caged. The desires of our hearts are held prisoner by doubt, worry and fear. We crave freedom, but only gaze hopelessly through the bars, convinced that we are trapped, not brave enough or unworthy. We dare not dream. We dare not fly.

We are responsible for our God-given gifts. The doors of possibility and action are never locked. We must find the courage to open the cage door and soar.