Monica’s Motivational Moment: Peace Will Steady Our Steps

Outward appearances can threaten our tranquility, troche leaving us filled with stress, recipe doubt, anger and resentment. In the midst of difficulties, delays, distractions and discouragement, we can be calm, hopeful and grateful. Inner peace will steady our steps.

Peaceful Steps© 2015


Monica’s Motivational Moment: Move in Faith

Storms do cease. Rainbows appear as encouragement and a signal that we are closer to the realization of our dreams than we think. Now is the moment to move in faith with unwavering belief and urgency.

(c) 2015Rainbow


Monica’s Motivational Moment: Continue Our Journey

The journey of the dream-doer isn’t an easy one. We all stumble. We all fall. We all hesitate from time to time or want to throw up our hands in aggravation. We all feel the weight of unfairness, healing see the shadow of doubt, viagra struggle with resentment, or feel the sting of deferred dreams.

But the victory comes when we decide to go on, hold on, or get up after the fall. We are stronger than we think, bolder than the world says that we are, and more than talented enough. With faith, determination and courage, we can continue our journey.

(c) 2015Continue Our Journey



Monica’s Motivational Moment: The Light of Day

Walking the floor and tossing in the stillness of the midnight hour led to a lethal decision. No more. Not one minute more on this dream. Fear, stuff doubt and second-guessing proved too much. We surrender.

But in the light of the next day we can make the brave decision to continue on. We can trust our talents. We can accept that the journey of our dreams and purpose is often times filled with challenges, sovaldi setbacks, and darkness. We cannot submit. We must find the courage and commitment to see this through.

(c) 2015Fisherman at Daybreak


Monica’s Motivational Moment: More Than Wishing

Too often we hope the power of believing will be enough. Stuck in the wishing phrase, doctor we fail to get up and get going. Paralyzed by fear, nurse self-doubt and second-guessing, we refused to take a single step forward.

The life we truly want takes more than just wishing for it. Dreams demand action.

(c) 2015Wish Upon a Star


More Than One

Dear Motivation Nation:

There is more than one right answer, thumb or one right path leading to the manifestation of our dreams, passion or mission. There is more than one way to look at a challenge and devise solutions or strategies. There is more than one moment to renew our commitment, call forth courage or deny the whispers of fear.

There is more than one blessing, gift and reason for living the desires of our hearts.

(c) 2015

More Than One Path


Motivation Nation | Stuck in Indecision

Dear Motivation Nation:

Waiting for perfect timing or permission is like trying to move forward in rapid hardening cement. We cannot fulfill our mission or purpose if we will not decide, capsule refuse to follow our plan, buy cialis or allow doubt to keep us in stasis. The deception of perfectionism no longer serves us. We will not see the manifestation of the true desires of our hearts if we allow ourselves to stay stuck in indecision.

Boots in Cement© 2015


Motivation Nation|Free

Dear Motivation Nation:

We are free to dream, sales grow, generic plan, cure make a difference and forgive. We are free to begin again, innovate and create. We are free to love, live audacious lives, desire more, lean on our faith and soar. We are free to rise up after the fall, release past pains and replace fear-based thoughts with faith.

We Are Free© 2015



Motivation Nation: Without Doubt

Dear Motivation Nation:

Your moment has arrived. Believe it. You are wonderfully made and gifted beyond measure. Accept it. You have more than enough courage and boldness. Show it.

Your faith will see you through the illness, here stillness and restlessness. Stand on it. You do not serve the world by hiding your light. Rise to it. Without doubt, ask know that you have everything you need.

(c) 2015Without a Doubt