Monica’s Motivational Moment: Find the Courage

The world is best served when we do what we love. We must find the courage.

(c) 2015We Must Find the Courage


Monica’s Motivational Moment: New Heights

The precious moments you spend with others listening, cialis sale understanding, drugstore guiding, mentoring, believing or encouraging can help them soar to new heights.

(c) 2015

Soar to New Heights

Soar to New Heights© 2015


Monica’s Motivational Moment: As Long

As long as there is breath, see there is still time. As long as there is determination, sales there is still a chance. As long as there is faith, rx the foundation is strong. As long as there is a willingness to learn from missteps and mistakes, there is a renewed spirit.

We can come through. The dream remains alive, as long as we believe.

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Monica’s Motivational Moment: No End Without a Beginning

In our drive to build, ampoule grow, tadalafil impact or make a difference, we can focus too much on the outcome or victory. We have convinced ourselves that the world will only reward, recognize or applaud our end result or grand achievement. We feel frustrated, inadequate and resentful.

There is a blessing in the beginning. We must avoid the temptation to compare or feel that what we have accomplished is insignificant. There is no end without a beginning.

(c) 2015No End Without a Beginning