Monica’s Motivational Moment: All Is Well

You will not only be retained, for sale you will be promoted. You will not only survive your brokenness, tadalafil but every renewed cell in your body will give testimony to your healing and new beginning. You will not only get up after your fall from grace, you will stand strong in forgiveness, commitment and acceptance of your worth.

In the midst of your season of uncertainty and change, trust and believe that all is well.

(c) 2015All Is Well


Monica’s Motivational Moment: Upon Our Shoulders

Trying to please, sildenafil placate and play small will not appease nor silence our critics. We can spend so much energy feeling demoralized by discouraging comments, or paralyzed by unsupportive colleagues and family members.

We most find the courage to move forward in boldness. The responsibility of manifesting our dreams rests squarely and lovingly upon our shoulders.

(c) 2015Upon Your Shoulders


Monica’s Motivational Moment: Gifts Given

When we honor our gifts and talents, sale we never have to be envious of others or worry that someone else’s success will overshadow our destiny. We never have to clasp our hands fearful that others will steal our ideas or take credit. We never have to walk around in secrecy tight-lipped about our blessings.

When we honor our gifts and talents, case we are comfortable and confident in what has been given to us by the Gift-giver. We can relax and enjoy our gifts.

(c) 2015Gifts Given