Monica’s Motivational Moment: A Drop of Water

A drop of water does not seem like much or very powerful. A drop of water cannot do much to quench a parched throat or fill a pail.

A drop of water for the moment is just that – one drop of water. But over time, order drops of water can wear down the side of a mountain, or erode cement or rock.

Keep making steady progress towards your goals and dreams. When faced with fear, setbacks, missteps or opposition, be like a drop of water over time.

(c) 2015


Monica’s Motivational Moment: Runaway Train of Thoughts

Our doubts, cialis sale defeatist attitude and self-deprecating thoughts are like a runaway train, determined to derail our progress and recent blessings. With lightning speed, our runaway train of negative thoughts can leave us feeling unworthy, angry and fearful. We are headed for a collision course with a litany of excuses, rehearsed arguments and phantom problems.

We must remain vigilant, accepting our role as faith-led conductor. We are must maintain control at the first sign that our thoughts are veering off track.

(c) 2015

Train of Thoughts

Train of Thoughts© 2015


Monica’s Motivational Moment: The Road is Rocky

The road to manifested dreams is often rugged. The uneven surfaces of challenges, troche doubt and sabotage leave us questioning our path. We reasoned that our willingness to pursue our passion should spare us from delays, viagra criticism and scorn. As we move along on our journey, the excitement we felt over recent successes and milestones is starting to fade.

We cannot abandon our quest to live the life we want just because the road is rocky. We must reaffirm our faith, and find the courage and strength to continue.

(c) 2015The Road is Rocky


Monica’s Motivational Moment: Find the Strength

We can become exhausted and weary. Our litany of excuses and half-hearted attempts to manifest our dreams no longer serves us. Our comfort zone leaves our souls thirsty for more, remedy and our spirits hungry for a life worthy of our talents and purpose.

We must find the strength to lift the yoke of disappointment and despair. We must fight through feelings left in the wake of delayed dreams and lost faith. We must find the courage today to take meaningful steps toward the vision of what we truly desire.

(c) 2015See the Life We Want


Monica’s Motivational Moment: The Light of Day

Walking the floor, clinic tossing in the stillness of the midnight hour led to a lethal decision. No more. Not one minute more on this dream. Fear, health doubt and second-guessing proved too much for the dream.

But in the light of the next day we can make the brave decision to continue on. We can accept that the journey of our dreams and purpose is wrought with challenges, illness setbacks, and darkness. We cannot submit. We move find the courage and commitment to see this through.

(c) 2015Light Over Darkness


Monica’s Motivational Moment: Boldness Required

Timidity, hospital self-doubt and a surrender to fear will not serve you as this moment. This is not the moment to question your worth or why this purpose was given to you. This is not the moment to become immobilized because of to shame, hesitation and regret.

This moment demands boldness. Do not doubt. You will know what to say, what to do, when to say it and when to do it. This moment demands determination and confidence. Do it for yourself. Do it in service to others.

(c) 2015Boldness


Monica’s Motivational Moment: Step Forward

Step ForwardToo often we desire a rich harvest or a field of realized dreams, patient hoping the power of believing will be enough to sustain us to the end. We can see the victory so clearly, treatment but often we go no farther than visualization. Stuck in the wishing phrase, we fail to plant a single seed or take a single step forward.

Planning is important. Visualization is a powerful tool. But nothing takes the place of consistent work and persistence. Our dreams demand action. Step forward.

(c) 2015


Monica’s Motivational Moment: You Are the One with the Dream

You know deep down inside that the time is now for you to move forward with your heart’s true desire. You have done the rational thing for so long. You have put the needs of others in front of your dream, malady expecting that magically your turn would come if you were just self-sacrificing and patient.
Your moment is now. There will never be a perfect time – one free of worry, disapproving nods, or rejection from others who just don’t understand why this is important to you. Everyone won’t applaud or support your decision, but you are the one with the dream. Move forward with determination, a plan, faith and courage.Path

(c) 2015


Monica’s Motivational Moment: Storms Do Cease

When the soul is weary, viagra filled with doubt, view confusion and resentment, ask it’s hard to believe dark clouds will give way to the promise of realized dreams. When our minds are numb and bodies exhausted, we are susceptible to paralyzing thoughts of inadequacy. We convince ourselves that the time has come to surrender and do what is easier.

But storms do cease. Rainbows appear. In faith, unwavering belief and action, let us believe in the sun even when it isn’t shining.

(c) 2015Storms do cease


Monica’s Motivational Moment: The Fruits of Our Labor

There are times when we make light of our success or the manifestation of our dream. When the blessings come, sick we feel guilty or apologetic, treatment even though we have been firmly fixed in purpose and faithful. We laugh it off or blow it off as no big deal. We tell others that it was something that anybody could have done. We confuse gratefulness with boastfulness.

We are meant to celebrate our season of harvest. With grace, illness let us proclaim our favor, glow in gratitude, and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

(c) 2015Fruits of Our Labor