Monica’s Motivational Moment: Salve for Self-Inflicted Wounds

Feelings of inadequacy and relentless thoughts of doubt are debilitating, doctor leaving us paralyzed with indecision, pharm worry, and on the edge of surrender. Our litany of excuses and grievances undermines our gifts and greater purpose, granting temporary satisfaction but no sustained momentum that results in manifested dreams.

Action-fueled faith is salve for self-inflicted wounds caused by second-guessing, resentment and fear. Resolving to find our way and renew our strength through prayer and service soothes our hurting souls and makes our setbacks and stumbles less painful. Our scars are less noticeable as our spirits are refreshed.

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Monica’s Motivational Moment: Eyes Wide Open with Faith

It appears the saboteurs, pharm harsh critics, and nay-savers were right all along. It looks like this time you may not get up after the fall. Victory seems distant. You walk around with eyes cast down because of disappointment, fatigue and delays. You are just too weary to hope, believe or dream.

Look beyond outward appearances and the obvious. Look past the worriers and the wizards of negativity. Don’t be fooled by the mirage of deferred or denied dreams. Look with eyes wide open with faith. Look with confidence, commitment and courage. Let your desire, fueled with discipline, determination and action, see you through and lead you closer to your promised life and purpose.

(c) 2015Eyes of Faith