Monica’s Motivational Moment: Ahead in Faith

The hellish vortex of self-doubt, pharmacy second-guessing and self-destructive behavior is threatening to keep you stuck, discount resentful and aggravated. Distractions, capsule insidiously devised to lure you away from your purpose, are leaving you drained, worn out, and exhausted. You view the needs and requests of others as a noble reason and permission to abandon what you are doing in order to rescue and support them.

The more energy and focus you place on your dreams, the harder challenges and obstacles appear. It is a sleight of hand magic trick created by fear. Stay alert and do not fall for the illusion. Summon determination, perseverance and forge ahead in faith.

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Monica’s Motivational Moment: Miracles in the Unexpected

Monica P (10-2014)You never know what blessings and answers await you around the corner. You never know who will show up to help you, generic guide you, believe in you, or offer words of wisdom.

The next turn or determined step could bring encouragement or clarity. Sitting in stillness could spark inspiration. An unrelenting feeling to reconnect could lead to forgiveness or a fresh start.

Expect and embrace the miracles in the unexpected.

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Monica’s Motivational Moment: Each Step Counts

stepsA year ago, treat you were absolutely convinced that this time your dream would happen. Six months ago, you battled doubt and started second-guessing your gifts. Three months ago, you thought you had miscalculated, and longed for the security of conventional wisdom and opting for what others thought was best for you. Last night, you decided to abandon your heart’s desire.

Sometimes we focus so much on what we think is not happening, that we miss the blessings, progress, miracles of the moment, and the value of each determined step. We downplay the times we stood with determination after a setback, or did not allow a broken heart or bruised spirit to keep us stuck too long.

Count it all joy. Each step counts and brings us closer to the life we truly desire.

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Monica’s Motivational Moment: The Courage to Be Honest

Each moment we are faced with decisions that reveal our essence. Will we be courageous, healing honorable or truthful? Will we take shortcuts, the easy way out, or the dishonest route, convincing ourselves that our deceit will go unnoticed in the grand scheme of things?

Thrift store employee, Lakeisha Williams was faced with a $10,000 moment and had the courage to show the world that honesty is its own reward.

Please watch and be inspired.

Here’s the link:

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Monica’s Motivational Moment: Courage to Carry On

Forces appear to be conspiring against your dream, cialis eagerly awaiting the moment when you announce that you have had enough and will give up on what you really want. You are tired, capsule unable to sleep at night, ed and bitter about the unfairness of your situation.

But this will not last. This will not stand nor be the final word. At your disposal is courage, ever ready to quiet the storms of self-doubt, resistance and challenges. Courage, in small or great amounts, is your steady staff as you rise up and commit to one more step toward your vision. Lean on courage to carry on.



Monica’s Motivational Moment: Purpose Behind the Blessing

Giving KeysOur gifts, cure passions, shop successes and profits serve a greater purpose. We are challenged to go beyond the personal payoffs and benefits, capsule and find ways to pay it forward, give back and use our blessings to bless others.

Caitlin Crosby is a young singer and songwriter who turned a simple jewelry idea and the loyalty of her fan base to empower and employ the homeless. Below is her inspiring story. As you watch, search your heart for ways to manifest the greater purpose of your blessing.

Video: Celebrity Jewelry Line Gives Homeless New Lease on Life

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